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Is There a One-time Treatment for Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks are the lines that show on the body as a result of a variety of conditions like rapid weight gain, rapid weight loss or even pregnancy. The lines appear due to overstretching of the skin. Just in the same way an overstretched plastic bag can develop lines which can only be reversed through recycling, once the body develops the stretch marks, it becomes almost impossible to revert it to its original state unless through surgery.

However, dermatologists try their best to improve the overall texture and appearance of stretch marks. These improvement treatments can take several months to reverse the condition, and more than one treatment session might be required. However, where excellence is the end goal, cost should not be the limiting factor.

The age of stretch marks has a great influence on how easy it will be to treat the condition. For example, young stretch marks that are less than six months old are easy to treat. They appear as thick, raised red lines. On the other hand, those stretch marks that are more than six months old and are whitish in color are notoriously hard to treat. It’s advisable to visit a physician for a checkup to know the category under which any stretch mark falls

Most of the stretch mark treatment methods work by trying to make the raised stretch marks flat or thinning the thick stretch marks. These are achieved by stimulating the growth of new collagen cells to improve the elasticity of the skin.

The permanent method of treating stretch marks:

As aforementioned earlier, it’s only through a surgery that stretch marks can be fully treated. This operation involves cutting off the stretched parts of the skin and joining together the un-stretched parts. Considering how stretch marks are close to each other, you can expect the process to require more caution and advanced surgical pieces of equipment. As a result, the process is costly and might not be within the affordability range for a majority of the population.

The other methods like laser stretch mark treatments also produce considerable good results especially after the advancement of the laser technology. Some lasers are as efficient as tummy tuck and are mostly used in areas where wide cuts cannot be made. Furthermore, there is no point of removing the stretch marks only to leave large scars. As a result, seek relevant advice before settling on any one stretch mark treatment method.

Important considerations for people undergoing stretch mark surgery.

Surgery is one of the intensive stretch mark removal procedures and requires more caution. As a result, it is wise to follow a certain procedure:

Discuss your expected results so that the dermatologist can advise you accordingly

Discuss the medical history with the doctor to know if the procedure is fit for you.

It can involve a long recovery period

Weigh the potential risks and benefits to know which side to take

A tummy tuck leaves a permanent scar

The procedure is not cheap, and insurance might not cover it

How to reduce the cost associated with surgical removal of stretch marks.

Newly formed stretch marks can be treated using lasers and then afterward apply surgery to the more aged and wider stretch marks

Work to correct the condition that is causing the stretch marks. If it’s from weight gain, first work on your weight.

Do competitive cost analysis from various surgeons and select the one who is most cost-effective. However, do not compromise quality for the money.

There are some ways to hide stretch marks.

If you are expecting to get another child, do so before getting abdominoplasty.

Wrap up

From the discussion above, it is evident that one-time treatment for stretch marks are limited to surgical means which can also be equated with some other laser treatments depending on the laser used. The major drawback of tummy tuck and other surgical means to correct stretch marks is the cost associated with the procedure as well as the resulting marks. It is important to seek the opinion of a qualified surgeon before selecting on any method you think is fit for your condition.

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