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Pearls—The Skin Brightening Ingredient From The Sea

Often thought of as a classic gemstone that adorns the body, most people overlook the powerful properties and skincare benefits of pearls.

When used in skincare applications, pearls are milled into a fine powder and added to luxury skincare products. A staple in ancient bathing rituals and regenerative skin care, pearl powder has been a part of Asian, European, Egyptian and Latin American cultures for millenia. Today, this luxurious ingredient from the sea is growing globally in popularity.

What’s in pearls?

Recent studies have shown that pearl is a biomineral adaptogen that is rich in calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, strontium, copper, selenium, silicon and titanium (1). In addition to its high calcium content, pearls are also abundant in amino acids, trace minerals, proteins and antioxidants (1, 4).

What is Mother of Pearl?

Nacre, nacar, or mother of pearl is the strong, iridescent inner shell layer that creates the pearl and gives it its beautiful glow and color. Mother of pearl is essentially made up of the same materials and minerals as pearl.

What are the skincare benefits of pearl powder?

•The amino acids found in pearls help stimulate skin cells to increase the production of collagen and accelerate new skin cell growth (2).

•With 30+ trace minerals, pearl powder helps maintain healthy skin, skin cell turnover, regulates sebum and promotes moisture (3, 4).

•When used externally, the fine texture of pearl powder gently exfoliates skin, fades blemishes and brightens skin.

•Pearl protein operates similarly to keratin, increasing cell hydration, cell metabolism and circulation.

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